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Collaborators since 1999

Michael Bannon 

Jeffrey Bolhuis

Deirdre Brophy

Diarmaid Brophy

Dara Burke

Sinead Carava

Greg Davey

Miriam Delaney

Andrew Griffin

Verena Hilgenfeld

Martin Kujovic 

David Lawless

Mairead McCarthy

Laurence Lord

Luis Aguirre Manso

Peter MacClancy

Adam McLoughlin

Lynn McMahon

Donncha O’Shea

Sterrin O’Shea

Tara Quinn

Sabine Schelcher

David Smith

FKL a r c h i t e c t s is committed to contemporary design with a focus on the application of abstract ideas to built form.

Each project is approached from first principles by responding to the specifics of site and program and formulating a singular concept that informs all aspects of the design. This individual concept is firmly rooted in the pragmatics of the project. We seek to condense ideas to their essentials, from the building form to the detail of junctions between materials with all decisions re-affirming and complementing the primary concept. The form and language of each project grows out of this approach leading to a diversity in the work, within a framework given by enduring interests; in space, atmosphere, assemblage, pattern, hierarchy, texture and materiality.






FKL have lectured and have been exhibited nationally and internationally and have received a number of national awards and have been nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe European Architecture Award. FKL curated conceived and designed the Irish entry for the Venice Biennale 2006, SubUrban to SuperRural, comprising theoretical projects by nine architects on the issue of sprawl. FKL were part of the inaugural Lisbon Architecture Triennale with d-void, in 2007. In 2009 FKL initiated the Shadowland project examining how architects can look at solutions to Ghost states


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