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light-well house

Light Well house is situated in place of a pre-existing garage the was once part of the adjacent house. The client’s circumstances had changed such that a smaller home in the same area was desirable. The house follows a pattern of intensification of use in suburban areas, which is supported by the local authority. It’s set back from the existing building line in order to maintain the rhythm of the established semi-detached houses on the cul-de-sac. 


The house is approached through a timber screen, forming a private courtyard at the front. The project comprises two interconnected brick volumes, distinguished by a change of mortar that accentuates the lighter massing above a grounded volume. The living, dining and kitchen spaces occupy one homogenous space at ground floor, with two bedrooms and a shower room above. The two volumes are interconnected by a double height light-well which brings light deep into the dwelling in plan and section. 


Commended in RIAI Awards 2023

Shortlisted for the RIAI Public Choice Awards 2023

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